profiling for attitude
selecting for fit

In an intensely competitive, increasingly volatile and interconnected world you recognise that the 'character' of the people you build into your organisation will fundamentally set you apart from the 'pack'. You know that your average competitors still acquire their people in the basic ways offered by the traditional recruitment industry.

Your organisation is energetic and ambitious, and seeks always to stay ahead of the slower moving, ‘average’ competitors in your sector. You know that it is your people who make the difference. You truly believe people really are the most important aspect of your organisation.

You are also keenly aware that having great leaders leadership means little if the remaining 95% of your people are the wrong type, unengaged, uncommitted and ineffective.

You understand that the highest performance in the very best organisations can only be delivered through an extremely effective, engaged and highly motivated ‘middle’ of the organisation. The large 'middle' is the ‘engine room’ of your day-to-day performance delivery.

High performance comes when your people:

  • do not accept the status quo
  • challenge and persist
  • overcome obstacles
  • let nothing stand in their way
  • keep working together and drive hard for answers, solutions, and results

In short, when they have the right Attitudes towards all that they do for you.

Do you sometimes find yourself frustrated by your people's:

  • resistance to change
  • negativity
  • rigidity of thinking
  • overly competitive power struggles
  • narcissistic or manipulative tendencies
  • inability to cope under stress
  • poor team-building skills
  • lack of integrity
  • failure to persist

These are all negative attitudes which can be measured and screened.

You know that if you have people with the right attitude and attributes for your organisation and who fit perfectly, then sector leading performance will follow.

With a strong belief in the power of a person’s attitudes, attributes, core motivations and drivers you know there must be a better way to build a high performance ‘engine room’ than traditional recruitment methods allow.

You may have been asking yourself:

 "how do we identify people who bring all that we need in terms of attitude, values and motivation (in addtion to competence and experience) and who truly fit the core purpose and beliefs as an organisation?"

You may even have heard that some top performing organisations already take a very different approach from the rest of the pack. Organisations like Berkshire Hathaway, Intel, SW Airlines, The All Blacks, GB Rowing, America’s Cup Teams and elite military Special Forces, all take a very different approach towards people selection...An approach where attitude is key.

Wouldn't it be great if your people just clicked?

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