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Eva Eldridge

Eva Eldridge

Eva has over 20 years of experience working with people using her broad and deep domain knowledge in psychology and neuroscience. She has the highest academic qualifications and gained experience applying them in diverse, international working environments. Her clinical psychological work with cancer patients on hospice and oncology wards early in her career, taught her what human beings are really like when facing their ultimate fear and stress. When individuals do not wear masks anymore and stand on the edge of the major transition, they become the best teachers of human psychology and what matters most. Excellent understanding of human emotions, individual differences and drivers, seen through the neuroscientific lens is the strongest underpinning of Eva’s approach in her work.

Upon moving countries and returning to working with businesses and leaders, Eva found her previous clinical experience tied in very well with business world. The first and foremost qualities that business leaders need nowadays is genuine empathy and authentic communication, both arising from deep self-awareness.

Eva firmly believes that businesses solve our problems and shape our future. If run well, they can make a difference. If run brilliantly, they can make a massive impact.


Eva can help business leaders:

  • Build leadership skills (listening, delegating, decision making, EQ, motivating)
  • Raise their self-awareness so that they can manage stress and challenges of VUCA world even better
  • Build resilience and mental toughness balanced with empathy
  • Understand change and transition dynamics to minimise change resistance in teams
  • Face workplace uncertainties and ambiguities with confidence


As a Social Psychologist (BSc, MSc), Health Psychologist, a Professional Certified Executive Coach, a Registered Qualified Occupational Assessor (COTU level 1 & 2) and a Certified Organisational Behaviour Management Consultant, Eva coaches leaders in organisations. She also carries out independent psychological assessment with the emphasis on providing the developmental feedback. Within Perfect People Eva undertakes organisation audits, role audits, designs people assessments, administers ability and personality questionnaires, designs and runs behaviour based, structured interviews, design interventions targeted at behaviour modification in the business environment. Eva also provides effective Transition Coaching for the new hires within clients’ organisations.

Eva also designs, develops and delivers scientifically robust psychological leadership development programmes. Upon completion, she oversees the practical implementation of the programme to ascertain the occurrence of the required results.

Eva holds two Masters degrees, is undertaking a PhD in Behaviour Change Management and is a British Psychological Society Member. She holds certified qualifications in: Occupational Test Use (Parts 1 & 2 from University of Cambridge), Assessment Centre Design and Management, Advanced Assessor Skills, and has a Professional Certificate in Executive Coaching from Henley Business School. She also is a certified CBT, SFBT and Mindfulness therapist. Author of the best-selling book on coaching for behavioural change (Helion, 2007) as well as numerous magazine and newspaper articles.

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