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Perfect People’s eight-stage selection process is fully tailored to each customer’s role, team(s) and organisational needs for the position being filled.The foundation for all eight stages is our MAP (Multiple Assessment Process) based on attitudes. In building this foundation Perfect People will:

  • Audit and profile the organisation, the team and the job role for attitudes
  • interview candidates for attitudes
  • test candidates for attitudes
  • run thorough personality assessment tests
  • observe candidates for attitudes
  • select for attitudes

and aggregate the results for better prediction of job performance.

Chart What we do during employment

People with wrong attitudes:

  • Are tough to manage
  • Can distract you from focusing on more important tasks
  • Can be irritating for you and the team
  • Can contaminate your organisation with negative atmosphere
  • Can reduce performance
  • Are difficult to exit

Our processes and methods

The eight stages of our selection process refer to all the phases in which individuals are assessed for roles within an organisation . These individuals may be external or internal candidates for permanent or temporary roles or may even be undergoing assessment for personal development and succession purposes.

While always ensuring that the usual aspects for selection are included, (e.g. skills, experience, qualifications), our overarching focus is on auditing, personality assessment, selecting for high performance and for attitudes. Only through a clear understanding of a candidate’s underlying attitudes can we seek to ensure that, not only will the selected person have the right competences , they will have the fundamental attitudes that will help both them and your organisation thrive.

Attitudes are much better predictor of job performance and work behaviours when observed at multiple acts and from multiple sources. Our Multiple Assessment Process (MAP) enables you to focus on a candidates' relevant behaviours . Measuring certain, specific attitudes required for a given position is carried out through:

carefully selected psychological questionnaires

carefully selected psychological questionnaires

assessment centre exercises

assessment centre exercises

structured behaviour based interviews

structured behaviour based interviews

5 other filters

5 other filters (to be discussed with each customer)


All of the above will combine to provide you with a multi-dimensional perspective for the candidate. This broad perspective, with a predominant focus on attitudes, enables you to make an informed decision about hiring them or not.

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