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We find the perfect people for you.

Attitudes and attributes are critical for success.

Find loyal high performers with attitudes that perfectly fit and engage with the role, team and organisation.

Hire for attitudes with Perfect People’s Multiple Assessment Process.

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How will your organisation benefit from our process for selecting on Attitudes?

Attitudes are contagious. People with the wrong attitudes are tough to manage, impact performance, affect others and are difficult to exit.

Attitudes are the bedrock of long term behaviour. Selecting for perfect role and organisation fit, determines productivity, performance profit and employee engagement jobs.

Our Multiple Assessment Process aggregates information with a focus on attitudes. This enables us to profile and select high performers with the best attitudinal fit for your organisation.

of new hires

want to leave their new organisation after the first week (CMI, 2016)

Research tracking 20,000

new hires revealed 46% of them failed within 18 months (Forbes, 2012)

Only 4%

of new hires decide after the first day that they are sure they want to stay with their current company (source: A Gostick and C Elton)

However, if the new hires take part in a structured on-boarding process,


of themare likely to remain with a company for longer than

3 years

New hire's first days and first weeks in a new job are critical for both

– an employee and an organisation.

In a study of 20,000 new hires 46% failed within the first 18months

only 19% achieved unequivocal success

Forbes 2012

When new hires failed 89% of the time it was for attitudinal reasons, only 11% for a lack of skill

Forbes 2012

The organisational cost of employee turnover range between 100% - 300% of salary

Harvard Business Review 2015

It typically takes 8 months for a new employee to reach full productivity

Harvard Business Review 2015

83% of HR professionals believe workplace stress is holding back UK productivity

Personnel Today/HSE

Job seeking intentions have risen to 24% of employees

CIPD May 2016

83% of the UK workforce is disengaged. 26% is actively disengaged

Deloitte/Gallup 2016

Person vs Job Environment discrepancies = lower commitment, satisfaction,performance and higher personnel turnover

Blackwell Handbook of
Personnel Selection 2005

A first practical step in fostering employee engagement is to asses – and preferably measure – employee attitude

CIPD May 2017

Attitude not skills is the top predictor of a new hires success or failure

Leadership IQ 2012

Companies in the top quartile of both employee Engagement and Enablement achieve revenue growth 4.5x greater than the bottom quartile

Hay Group 2013

According to a 2007 study by the Wynhurst Group, when employees go through structured onboarding, they are 58% more likely to remain with the organization

Forbes 2016

Being mentally agile enables the core resilience skill of ‘response flexibility’ – the ability to pause, reflect, create options and decide wisely

Harvard Business Review 2016

Top quartile organisations for engagement {employee ‘fit’} demonstrate 2.5x revenue growth than those in bottom quartile

Hay Group 2013

The healthiest organisations {good employee fit} generate 3x the returns of less healthy companies

McKinsey 2015

Employees who experience job fit…are satisfied, show more commitment and intend to stay

Blackwell Handbook of
Personnel Selection 2005

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Why are Perfect People more time and cost efficient?

Major players generate significant income from their proprietary tests which are often very expensive. We use a Multiple Assessment Process, of which tests are just one part. For Perfect People tests are not an income generator.

The Quality of the profiling and selection process in all its stages is more controlled using a single specialist. 

Perfect People undertakes all eight stages in-house. 

You save time. You will not see people who are a ‘close approximation’ of your needs. You will only see the very few candidates with the right attitudes who match the role audit and have survived our 6 stage process.

High 'churn' rates have a very high cost. Bad hiring decisions increase that costs. Not only are we confident that our approach and processes will reduce churn from bad hiring –  we back this up. Talk  to us to find out how.

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