profiling for attitude
selecting for fit

After a combined 50 years of running businesses around the world, we have felt a growing deep dissatisfaction and frustration with the modern recruitment. It more often seems that the goal is to get a number of 'plausible' candidates in front of the client as fast as possible until someone gets hired.

For the 'engine room' of the organisation (the large managerial and functional 'middle') this 'numbers and speed' approach to recruitment kills performance, creates significant organisational stress, increases costs and ensures people become disengaged.

Perfect People believe profoundly
in the power of people and the power of fit.

What we believe, what we do.

We have witnessed and experienced amazing performance when people and organisations just seem to ‘click’, where nothing seems impossible, where problems seem easily solved, where work is engaging and people even have fun while doing it.

In our careers before Perfect People, we have also experienced the much more frequent situations where workforces and teams are disengaged, where people are just serving time, where days are long, work is hard, where performance and outcomes are at best average and uninspiring. In short, organisations where many employees have ‘quit but stayed’. Sadly, this is the norm for at least 70% of organisations who remain just plain average at best.

We believe that you can design and select for the first scenario and we have developed an approach that can deliver it. Through substantial and varied personal experience, together with scientific and psychological knowledge (and the blended application of both) Perfect People audits, profiles and selects in a rigorous and robust way that is different and drives towards high performance outcomes

What are the benefits on hiring on attitudes or hiring for attitudes?

The cost of not getting ‘recruitment’ right.

Recruiting the wrong people can lead to a fall in productivity, lack of commitment, low morale and
even more rapid staff turnover and worst of all, customer dissatisfaction.

All organisations have employee turnover, or ‘churn’. There are two costs to loosing and replacing people - the direct costs and the hidden ones. Even if your churn rate is well below average and even if you get every recruitment decision absolutely right, every single time, it is still a very expensive business. When you get it wrong it becomes very expensive indeed


The average churn rate in the UK.
(, 2017 )


Number of their annual salaries that are the cost of recruiting the wrong person.
(Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development, CIPD, 2017 )


New hires that do not survive their probation period.
( CIPD, 2017 )

All these will impact heavily on your bottom line. In addition, there are the real costs: the cost of recruitment, wasted salary and benefits, severance package, money spent on training and induction, not to mention the added cost of having to go through the recruitment process yet again (and yet again in 20% of cases).

Wouldn't it be great if your people just clicked?

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